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The French Bulldog is a cousin to the Boston Terrier and the American Bulldog. He has been an affectionate family pet and a loving companion.

Lance makers in England reduced the size of their English Bulldogs to make a companion dogs. Many Europeans emigrated to France during the Industrial Revolution. They brought their small dogs with them. They quickly became popular French Bulldogs.

A French Bulldog was also added to the mix to show its gentle nature and cheerful personality. The original Boston Terriers were transformed from fighting dogs into companion pets. The Boston Terrier still carries many of the Frenchy’s best traits.

This adorable little dog is affectionately known as a Frenchie, clown dog, and/or frog dog. They are a great companion for seniors and a wonderful family pet. They keep everyone entertained for hours with their antics. They are very affectionate and will do anything to get your attention.

Frenchies love people! Ask owners to describe their Frenchies, and they will tell you: funny, cute, sweet, smart, loving, playful, curious, nosy, and loves everything. Sometimes, intact males can be aggressive with other males. It is best not to have Frenchies of the same sex under one roof. They do well when they are paired with the opposite sex.

They should always be supervised with younger children. Children should not encourage to pick them up and take them around. They do well with older children as they are more rambunctious and can get carried away. They are generally good with small animals and can be quite forceful, so they must be watched.

They require very little exercise compared to other breeds. After a few short walks with their owners, they are ready to go indoors and relax. They excel in obedience, agility, flyball, and rally.

They love learning and are very intelligent. Getting your puppy or kitten into positive reinforcement, non-punishment Puppy Kindergarten is a good idea. Also, it is advisable to socialize and teach obedience. It will not only help your dog or puppy become a well-mannered and well-adjusted dog, but it will also teach you how to be a better leader. Small Dog Syndrome, which affects small breeds, can cause problems in the behavior of Frenchies who sense a lackluster leader.

This breed is a great apartment or condo pet. It doesn’t tend to be too yappy, nor do they bark excessively.

They can be laid back, quiet, or more active than the rest. This being said, ensure that the one you choose suits your lifestyle.

Frenchies are a brachycephalic dog breed. This means they have a “short head.” They are sensitive to extreme temperatures and can also be champs in the snoring/snorting and farting categories.

They do not belong outside. They are not happy being left out in the garden and forgotten. Don’t buy a dog if that is what you want.

Frenchies are most often conceived artificially through insemination. They are usually born via the Caesarian section. Their average weight is between 20-30 pounds, and their lifespan is 10-12 years. The Mastiff family includes the French Bulldog, which is a non-sport breed.

Health issues include heat stroke, obesity, Von Willebrands Disease, and skin problems. Aspiration pneumonia can be caused by megaesophagus and regurgitation. Standard anesthesia can also cause problems for them. If you feel the need, talk to your veterinarian.

Do not overfeed them. They are charming, manipulative charmers who take any opportunity to get a treat. Obesity can cause serious health problems.

It’s easy to groom your dog. A quick rub down with a damp towel and a quick brushing will do most of the work. They shed very little. Only bathe them when necessary. Regularly clean and inspect the huge bat ears.

Bottom line: Do your homework. Do your research on the breed. Ask French Bulldog owners. The French Bulldog is a wonderful pet for the right family. Do not ignore puppies in pet shops, classified ads, or flea markets. They perpetuate puppy mills and inexperienced backyard breeders. A reputable breeder will give you a happier, healthier dog. If you cannot afford a good breeder, consider shelters or rescues. Many Frenchies are surrendered due to life circumstances, as they are very popular with elderly owners. You may find your forever friend, your best friend, there patiently waiting for and waiting for you.

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Chary’s Elite Frenchies
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