“How to Grow Your Creative Small Business Idea” is written all over the internet.

However, these articles are oftentimes too vague or idealistic, and sometimes neglect important business lessons that will fail every startup entrepreneur at some point in the process.

This article covers 5 essentials you should know when it comes to growing your creative small business idea!

1. Know your market

Every marketing plan starts with knowing who you are marketing to, what they want, how much they can afford, where they can be found at any given time (physical location), and what marketing campaign would best connect with them.   When it comes to knowing your target audience, there are 3 key questions that need to be answered: Who is my target audience? What does my target audience want? Why will my target audience buy my product (or service)?

2. Plan for Success

Your business plan is your blueprint that shows investors and customers alike how you expect to grow your small business idea into the next Amazon, Apple, Google…it all has to start somewhere!  A solid business plan includes:

  •   Your Big Idea: What problem will a customer have if they do not purchase from you? How will this hurt them later on down the road?
  •  Your Business Model: Who are your customers going to be? Where do they live? What age group are they in? Do they have any particular limitations or disabilities that may affect their buying decision-making process? Do they need additional support of any kind? What does your customer need to see to know that you are trustworthy and worth their money?
  •   Business Goals: what is the biggest goal you’d like to achieve in the next 10 years? 3 years? 1 year?

3. Know how much your product will cost

Every business needs a budget. Running on a tight budget, or even an unlimited one, requires you to know how much it will cost for everything from raw materials to marketing efforts and staffing costs before you can begin laying out a timeline of events and assigning each task its own deadline. If your business idea requires more than what you can afford, there are always creative ways around it! There’s no better way to learn about something than from someone who has done it before, so why not gain that knowledge from successful entrepreneurs who have done it more than once?

4. Make your product visible

Once you know your target audience, what needs they have that only you can fill, and the amount of money they are willing to spend on purchasing products or services from you…you need to make sure people are actually able to find your business! There are several ways to market through social media, but here are some ideas on how your small business idea can be seen by new customers :

Use keywords that will get search engine results:: Pay for ads or sponsored posts:: Create a referral system between existing loyal customers:: Go viral – create unique content with high engagement value

  5. Be Entertaining (it’s okay to be selfish)

Being entertaining can come in many forms, whether it’s developing a campaign that is informative or humorous, making your product line stand out with unique features and characteristics, or personalizing your business to the point where customers feel like they’re getting more than just “another thing”.

Make social media work for you! If you need specific help with promoting your business idea online, check out HubSpot Small Business. Email them for information on how to set up an account and increase your presence in the digital world. 

As always, I hope this was helpful! I’d love to hear what creative small business ideas are working well for you!   Leave me a comment below!

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