Many people don’t think about waterproofing their basement until it’s too late. The truth is, once your basement starts to leak and you notice water damage on the floor or walls, it’s already too late to do anything. You should be proactive and make sure that your foundation is waterproofed before any leaks happen. In this blog post, we will go over how you can protect your home from costly damages by hiring professionals for a quality waterproofing service.

Some simple tips to remember are that you should always have a level home with no cracks or gaps in the foundation. You can inspect for damage on your own by checking around the exterior of your house every so often, especially after heavy rainfall. It’s also best to keep an eye out during the winter months as snow and ice contribute greatly to water damage. If you find any areas of concern it is important not to delay fixing these issues – doing repairs yourself will only cause more problems down the road if you aren’t experienced enough! Even one small crack between bricks could be all that’s needed for rainwater entering into your basement walls which eventually leads to flooding and mold growth.

One of our most popular methods is called rubber membrane waterproofing; this method uses a thick rubber barrier applied to the outside of your home that is super durable and can protect from any moisture or leaks for up to 50 years. Another type of waterproofing we offer is called cement injection which works by injecting liquid portland cement into holes drilled in your foundation wall. This creates a solid seal around the entire perimeter of your basement walls, stopping leakage before it ever starts!

If you are worried about water damage destroying floorboards, furniture, appliances, and other valuables then don’t be concerned as there’s another process called crack injection/sealant waterproofing that will stop those pesky cracks from leaking water inside at all! This service not only does it prevents future flooding but also stops mold growth and structural damage to your foundation. You can easily avoid all of these issues by having a waterproofing Chester VA come out and inspect the condition of your home before any leaks even happen!

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